Sunday, June 12, 2016

How to care for your Wool Products

I get asked this a lot. The general rule for any wool product care is Do Not machine wash. The reason behind is that natural fibers tend to felt. The Tricky Knitter has a good article on how exactly felting happens. While some would search "How to Felt", we need to understand how to avoid it and not to lose the squishiness of the blanket or any other wool product. Because those puffs and bumps are expensive.

What causes felting
Drastic temperature change and excessive agitation.

How to clean your product
It can be hand washed with Eucalan or soap detergent. Fill the basin with lukewarm water, add detergent and put it there without stirring it much. Let it sit for some time. Squeeze gently excess of water, let it air dry.

If possible try to avoid accidents by using baby covers, or if its a small one, you can pinch out the soiled portion. I wash a lot of wool daily using these simple instructions. Sometimes some felting may occur no matter of washing process, but it definitely would not ruin the product completely and let you use it for a long time.

*Photography credit: April Ziegler Photography
*Props: Glamlayer in Rose/Mauve and alpaca knit wrap {color#6}