Sunday, April 9, 2017

Easter '17 {DIY Button Bouquet included}

It's almost mid of April and it just started to feel like spring. I've been thinking for another fun project with my kids, something associated with spring, Easter.  I love fresh flowers, most of them! They are a must in my grocery basket. 
   But how about button bouquet! It's very easy, fun project and the best thing you can paint the buttons whatever color you want. In our case it was spring pastel: robin's egg blue, soft yellow, light pink.

 =Scroll for the tutorial at the end=

 We got this Hop Hop garland from Home Goods.

 And of course she couldn't miss this giant bunny lollipop at Home Goods too :D The whole family was finishing it afterwards, sugar coma guaranteed haha

1.Assortment of buttons. We got ours from Michaels. We didn't care much for color since we were painting them anyways.
2. Acrylic Paint {Michaels}
3. Wire 20gauge {Michaels}
4. Bouquet holder {Amazon}
5. Beads {Michaels}
6. Hot glue, wire cutters
7. Tule - to decorate the stem. I also used some to make matching bow hairpins.

First we painted our buttons. After they were dry {takes couple hours for paint to cure completely} we stack them one on to another and put the wire through the button holes, twisted the wire at the end. Cut wire at about 2" to put in a holder. 
Arrange them any way you like in a holder just poking through {most fun!}.  You also can put beads on top of buttons with hot glue. 
Well done ! You got one pretty button bouquet :) 

Happy Easter!