Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy 4th of July !

      Today was special. Special for America. Special for me as a I am celebrating my very first Independence Day as an American. It is a funny feeling when you are not only happy to spend some time with family and friends but also you feel related somehow. Apart from having fun in a pool with kids, eating yummy dinner with friends and watching fireworks we decided to do some photos to capture this day. 
      Luckily there was no better place than wall of wood that got built in our backyard. Right in time! How fun ! My dad has been working on it since the beginning of summer. Those were the dangerous trees we had to cut and will be using to heat the house in winter time. But now it was all about the awesomeness of rustic at my fingertips!

Even phone picture looked pretty amazing and I was sold quickly! The patriotic bunting came from local Pier1, picnic blanket from Target.

Here the few pictures we snapped :)

Kids Fire set from The Land of Nod.

The picture with marshmallow from the set is my favorite!

Bench from Home Goods.

We were in the middle of our session when something under the bench started moving. Frog!! We couldn't see it, it masked so well! And brought some excitement to kids :)