Friday, February 10, 2017

DIY Valentine Cards: Monsters & dinosaurs

     The Valentines Day is around the corner! And if you are like myself tend to do holiday shopping the last minute, you might find these colorful and easy to do cards a real savior. They are great as a V-Day gift to your kid friends/classmates or teachers. 
     Of course Pinterest is full of different ideas and templates but these two were the must for our monster/dinosaur loving family :D
1.Template from wonderful Amy{The Idea Room} here
I have printed all templates at my local Fedex on 60lb paper.
2.EOS lip balms of your choice
3.Sharp scissors to cut inside circles
4.That's it, can you imagine !!

 Unwrap the balms and cut the circles in templates for noses.
Fixing noses.  Little twists are so easy for little hands. Fun too!
 These will go to teachers. Shall we continue with some for classmates :)

1. Printable template from Alice&Lois blog here
2. Mini dinosaurs from Amazon
3. Glue gun to attach to the cards
Didn't I tell you, we've got massive snowfall the day before, so we continued outside. Playing with wooden sticks from Home Goods and our new friends for friends :)
 {At the end of the day all you need is Love}
 The trio
Happy Valentines Day !